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Health Checkup

Most people tend to take good health for granted. But you may never even know when your current lifestyle may adversely affect your health in the future. Constant stress, irregular food habits and lack of exercise can be the main culprits.

At Kulwanti Hospitals, we continue to emphasize the age-old adage that….
“Prevention is better than cure”
Heath Check Packages at Kulwanti Hospitals are a set of comprehensive and reliable Preventive Healthcare Packages, designed keeping in mind the varied requirements of all the members of your family.

While undergoing the health checks, we ensure that you are comfortable and well taken care of.

This coupled with our smooth, swift and systematic procedure will indeed make your experience a pleasant one.

Regular health checks ensure that you enjoy the benefits of uninterrupted good health over a long period of time.

Bouquet of Health Check Packages :
tick  Routine Health Check

tick  Master Health Check

tick  Executive Health Check

tick  Well Women Check

tick  Heart Check


Routine Health Check Master Health Check Executive Health Check Well Women Check Heart Check
Routine Health Check is for both men and women. This includes a complete physical examination and all routine investigations like blood, urine etc. Routine health check helps evaluate your health status and a summary of your health report is made available to you it includes. Master health check evaluates your health in totality. It includes extensive blood tests heart related examination like ECG, complete physical examination as well as consultations with specialists, in short it gives a comprehensive evaluation of your health. If you lead stressful life, this health check is for you. It is also recommended for those who smoke and consume alcohol. In addition to the tests and consultation in the Kulwanti Hospitals Master Health Check, this also includes. This check-up designed keeping in mind all risk factors associated with various gynecological aliments. A healthy life-style together with regular checkups goes a long way in ensuring a healthy heart and happy life.
List of Investigation (‘1200) List of Investigation (‘2000) List of Investigation (‘3850) List of Investigation (‘1000) List of Investigation (‘4600)
Hematology Profile Hematological Profile Hematological Profile Complete Blood Count Haematological Profile
Blood Grouping Diabetic Profile MCHC/MCV Urine Routine MCHC/MCV
Serum Creatinine Blood Sugar Fasting Post Prandial Reticulocyte Count Chest X–Ray Reticulocyte Count
Serum Cholestrol Blood Grouping TRBC Ultrasound Abdomen (screening) TRBC
Urine Routine/Microscopic ABO Urine Examination Pap Smear Urine Examination
Serum bilirubin RH Routine Physical Examination Routine
SGPT Liver Profile Microscopic Consultation By Gyneacologist Microscopic
Ultrasound Serum Bilirubin Liver Profile Liver Profile
ECG SGPT Serum Bilirubin Serum Bilirubin
X-Ray Urine Examination ALK/GLB ALK/GLB
Eye Vision Test Routine ALK. Phosphatase ALK. Phosphatase
Physician Consultation Microscopic HBS Ag. HBS Ag.
Renal Profile SGPT SGPT
Serum Creatinine Renal Profile Lipid Profile
E.C.G Serum Creatinine Cholesterol
Chest X-Ray Bun HDL
Ultrasound (Whole abdomen Screening) Blood Urea LDL
Eye Vision Calcium/Phosphorus TG
Lipid Profile Uric Acid VLDL
Cholesterol Lipid Profile Renal Profile
HDL Cholesterol Serum Creatinine
TG LDL Blood Urea
VLDL TG Calcium / Phosphorus
In Females PAP Smear VLDL Uric Acid
Consultation with gynecologist Diabetic Profile Diabetic Profile
Physician Consultation Blood Sugar Fasting Blood Sugar Fasting
Post Prandial Post Prandial
Blood Grouping Blood Grouping
In Females PAP Smear In Females PAP Smear
Consultation with gynecologist Consultation with gynecologist
Electrocardiogram (ECG) Electrocardiogram (ECG)
Chest X-Ray Chest X-Ray
Ultrasound (Whole abdomen Screening) Ultrasound (Whole abdomen Screening)
Pulmonary Function (Test) Pulmonary Function (Test)
Eyes: Vision test Eyes: Vision test
Consultation with Physician Treadmill Test / 2D ECHO
Consultation by Senior Cardiologist
Consultation with Physician