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An Overview : Dietetics is a field specializing in therapeutic and clinical nutrition. Dietitians are trained professional who have a crucial role to play in today’s era where there is a wide range of diseases and disease related problems which affect over all performance of an individual.
Dietetics is a vast sector that has many branches like clinical, community, management dietetics and so on. Aspirants can study any of the Bachelors’ or Masters’ programs in the respective fields. Different Universities all through the world offer the varied courses in Dietetics. Aspirants have to do the research programs in their interesting topics in Dietetics so as to become research scientists and they can get employed in research laboratories of food manufacturers. In addition to the academic qualification, aspirants should gain on-the-job training, and pass a written licensing exam so as to become a licensed dietitian. Professionals can seek out for jobs in public or private sector. They can work as dietitians in health care, medical institutes, schools or in health departments. Postgraduates, who have flair in teaching, can work as lecturers in colleges and Universities.