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A super specialty care centre, Kulwanti Department of Neurosciences is designed to provide the highest levels of professional expertise and leadership in all major disciplines of neurosciences through an integrated team of Neurologists and Neurosurgeons dedicated to provide total patient care. The department boasts of high-end technology & offering the state-of-the-art Neuro- surgical operating room. Kulwanti Department of Neurosciences is backed with a team of highly qualified neurosurgeons and is fully equipped to perform procedures like Spine Surgery, Brain tumor surgery, Disk replacement surgery, Endovascular Neurosurgery and more.
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Neurosurgery, which includes surgery on the brain, spinal cord, skull and the bony spinal column, is a highly advanced super specialty which requires specialized training..Kulwanti Hospitals is recognized as a leader in acute neurosurgical care and is ranked among the top hospitals specializing in Neuro care in the city. Ably supported by modern Neuro-intensive care facility.
Micro – Neurosurgery

(Surgery performed using an operating microscope)

Kulwanti Hospitals offers the best in micro-neurosurgery. Almost all procedures in brain and spine are done under the magnification provided by the microscope.
Complex spinal Surgeries & Minimal Access Spine Surgery

(Microsurgery for disc prolepses. Stabilization for spinal instability and deformity)
Surgery for Spinal Cord Tumors

Spinal tumors are among the tumors most difficult to treat, as the spinal cord is highly fragile and controls functioning of the limbs. Using micro-neurosurgery, tumors in and around the spinal cord are removed, with minimal risk to the spinal cord.

Surgery for the Acute Head Injury and Spinal Injuries

With one of the highest incidences of poly-trauma occurring in India, Kulwanti Hospitals leads in managing these complex problems. With a team of orthopedic, facio-maxillary, plastic general surgeons and neurosurgeons on call round the clock, prompt and efficient treatment is available to all these patients. Reconstructive surgery is also available for patients with deformity.

Surgery for Stroke/Stroke Prevention

(Evacuation of Intra-cerebral hemorrhage, carotid endarterectomy)

Kulwanti Hospitals is one of the few centers where surgery is performed for stroke-bleeding into the brain or for very large cerebral infarcts-to remove the clots.

Skull Base Surgery

(Complex procedures at the base of the brain involving the bone and blood vessels)

Tumors of the skull base are often the most difficult to treat. Surgery is complex due to the critical location of the tumor in terms of proximity to vital blood vessels, nerves and requires a team of surgeons – Neurosurgeon, Head & Neck surgeon, Plastic surgeon and Vascular surgeon.
Functional Neurosurgery

(Surgery for Parkinson’s Disease/Essential Tremor)

Neuro-Endoscopic Surgery for Pituitary Tumors and CSF Leaks
Pediatric Neurosurgery

(For anomalies and tumors of the brain and spinal cord in infants and children)
Neuro-Intensive Care

Well equipped Intensive Care Unit, the neurosurgical department has a state-of-the-art neuro-intensive care unit – with modern ventilators, for adults and children and the latest invasive and non-invasive facilities for monitoring of vital functions. A committed team of intensivists, pulmonologists, infectious diseases specialists & nephrologists provide support round the clock.
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