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Kulwanti Hospitals has built a tele-medicine network, which connects each of its facilities, so expert care is never out of reach. In addition, Kulwanti Hospitals facilities are also working with both private and public partners in the Indian Healthcare industry to provide Super Specialty and quality healthcare services.
Kulwanti Hospitals provides services covering ICU Management,Emergency Resources Management, OPD Management, Radiology Reporting, Pathology Reporting as well as Training and Education Opportunities. Utilizing our strong HIS backbone, we are able to seamlessly transmit patient information in a secure and confidential environment.
Our network structure ensures quality healthcare and utilizes VPN (Virtual Private Network)
tick  Firewall protection

tick  Data transfer speeds of 128Kbs or higher

tick  Security : Encryption and Confidentiality

tick  Alternate pathways

tick  Web access for clients

tick  Integrating Healthcare Enterprise
The services we provide are two fold : Diagnostic and Non-Diagnostic Services
Preliminary or Final interpretations for….

health service  Emergency Response coverage

health service  Second Opinions

health service  Confirmation Consults

health service  Sub-specialty Services

health service  Processing, Rendering and Transcription Services
Detailed Services

health service  ICU Service

health service  Decisions for emergency ECG administration and interpretation

health service  Medical Rounds

health service  Sub-specialty services

health service  Medical Emergencies
Emergency Activities

health service  Immediate Intervention Advice

health service  Emergency Consultations
Outpatient Activities

health service  Video Consultations

health service  Outreach Programmes

health service  Health Camps
Radiology Activities

health service  Ultra Sounds

health service  X-Ray
Pathology Activities

health service  Histo-Pathology work
Training Activities

health service  In-house Training

health service  Continuing Medical Education Programmes