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NAYI UDAAN (Doctoring the future)

Many parents want their children to become doctors. Unfortunately, in rural India these dreams don’t often come true.
A merit seat in any Medical College costs approximately Rs. 3,000 a month for 6 years for a student to pay for his tuition fees, food and accommodation to pursue medical studies and become doctor. It costs few lakhs donation in private medical college for getting a medical seat and a few more lakhs to pursue medical studies. These things combine to curb the most humble aspirations that a rural parent has for his child.
We at Kulwanti hospitals feel that it is important to develop a cachet of qualified medical graduates for the future that will help India administer its healthcare system more effectively. We believe children from rural India have the fire and zeal required to become outstanding cardiac surgeons, neurosurgeons and other specialized medical professionals, which requires more commitment and dedication. We also feel that these children can be motivated to use their training in improving health care in their villages and small towns.
Towards this endeavor, we launched a financial assistance / scholarship program for school students in Uttar Pradesh, through which we will be able to encourage young meritorious school students from rural India to take up the medical profession.
This scholarship program identifies students from the government schools in the small towns and villages of Uttar Pradesh. The program is in the process to be initially launched in the government schools in conjunction with the School Education Department, Govt. of Uttar Pradesh.

scholarshipThe program will identify 150 students promoted to the 7th standard in the beginning of each academic year through a selection process and offers them scholarship till they complete the 12th Standard. All such identified students will be awarded scholarship of Rs. 500 p.m. Through the scholarship program these students will be able to meet some of their needs like tuition Fees, textbooks, school uniform, living expenses, etc. We will provide medical treatment to these students at our institute entirely free.
In the first year the program has planned to identify 200 meritorious students from 27 schools across Uttar Pradesh. The students will be chosen by Aptitude Test conducted from among the top 10 students selected by the schools based on their performance. The scholarship program wishes to provide scholarship to 2000 students annually in future.
We will also extend assistance to these students in finding a medical seat based on their merit and also assist these students in arranging loan from banks / financial institutions and stand guarantors.
For us this project is close to our hearts, as we believe that this is not just a question of helping others but helping our future. We would like to guide these meritorious children. The scholarship program will give us a platform to share their aspirations to become doctors and also share a bonding with these children in the years.