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Out Reach Camps (Sewa)

SEWA stands for hope… A Beacon of light for thousands of underprivileged people who live in the darkness of despair and ill health.

SEWA is a symbol of equality of medical service to the rich and the poor.
The social service department of Kulwanti Hospitals serves the health needs of all people irrespective of class, caste or religion or social background.

The dedicated team of doctors, nurses and philanthropists serve the people with uncompromising dedication. It seeks to build a bridge between needy patients and the fast moving medical technology of the third millennium.
SEWA extends a helping hand and the hope of good health regained…

The social service department of Kulwanti Hospitals was set up in July 1990 to extend the Hospital’s top quality medical services to needy sections of society.

Deserving patients are referred to us and a number have received free medical and surgical services including expensive procedures like Orthopedic surgery, laparoscopic surgery. SEWA has undertaken numerous welfare projects for those most in need and is always on the lookout for more ways of extending a helping hand.
Services Available

SEWA Medical Services

SEWA Medical Services was the first project for the welfare of poor and deserving patients through Concession and Charity to indoor patients undergoing Orthopedics & Eye surgery. The deserving patients referred to us are scrutinized objectively in an unbiased procedure.

It has also undertaken numerous projects for the welfare of those most in need and is now expanding its services.
Free Out Patients Department (OPD)

A Free Out Patients Department (OPD) is being conducted on every Saturday to bring super-specialty health care to those traumatized by ill health and unable to afford quality medical treatment.

The free OPD, located in the Hospital, offers the following services to a large number of needy patients.

health service  General Medicine

health service  General Surgery

health service  Gynecology

health service  ENT/Ophthalmology

health service  Orthopaedics

Patients are also offered access to other medical services such as Nephrology, Neurology, Chest Medicine, Oncology, Gastroenterology, Dermatology & Hematology.

The same high quality resources offered to regular patients are extended to patients of the free OPD too, thus making quality health care accessible to all. Children receive milk and biscuits in addition to medical attention.

Service to Senior Citizens

As a tribute to the senior citizens of Kanpur, SEWA has organized Out Patient Health Care Services for them at Bithoor. Every week a well equipped Kulwanti Hospitals Van, manned by an experienced Resident Doctor is dispatched to the remote area. Elderly patients’ Blood Pressure and Sugar levels are examined and free medical advice is given. Tea and Biscuits are served as refreshments.

SEWA Mobile Clinic

Having successfully started and run the “Free Clinic” weekly on the premises of the Kulwanti Hospitals, it was felt necessary for SEWA to embark on an ambitious “Community Outreach” programme. SEWA Mobile Clinic is the first step towards this goal of reaching out into the community and providing “Primary Medical Care” since 14th April 2000 to the underprivileged and the poor.

The Mobile Clinic visits slums of different areas of Kanpur. These centres were selected after surveying a number of areas in and around the city of Kanpur. The Mobile Clinic team consists of a Doctor, Nurse and other team members.

Educational group sessions with slide shows, street plays and video clippings on various infectious diseases like “Malaria Prevention and Treatment”, “Healthy Habits”, “Cancer Awareness”, “Child Health Care” and “Eye Donation Awareness” are carried out.

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