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Micro Health Insurance Scheme

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Micro Health Insurance Scheme (UHIS)

Success of the micro-health insurance scheme is very important to eradicate poverty. It has been estimated that more than 260 million people are below the poverty line and hospitalization is one of the primary cause of in debtness and poverty, as studies suggest that 24 per cent of all people hospitalized in India in a single year slipped below the poverty line.
Statistics suggest that one per cent increase in India’s rural income, increases buying power by Rs 10,000 crores. The Insurance Regulatory Development Authority (IRDA) has already stipulated minimum requirement 15-20 per cent of rural business from insurance companies to supplement the growth. We need to join hands, build capabilities, create awareness, develop affordable and viable micro-insurance schemes, build an efficient marketing channel and overcome challenges towards the growth of the industry and fulfill our dream of ‘healthy’ India. To overcome such hurdles Kulwanti Hospitals, offers cashless medical facility as a Universal Health Insurance Scheme at an affordable rates to the masses.

Kulwanti Hospitals serving the medical needs of the society since 1990, offers cashless medical facility at an affordable rates to the masses.
tick  Hospitalization ExpensesIt’s being divided in two parts :

tick  The policy provides cashless medical

tick  Facility of hospitalization expenses up to Rs. 30,000/- to an Individual/Family.

tick  Personal Accident Cover Coverage for

Death of the Earning Head of the family (as named in the schedule) due to accident: Rs. 25,000/-

Salient Features

Total expenses incurred for any one illness upto Rs. 15,000/-
Additional Features
icon  Age Limits : 3 months to 65 years

icon  Family Means : Earning Head, Spouse and maximum three dependent children. Dependent parents can also be included.

icon  Floater Means : The total reimbursement of Rs. 30,000/- can be availed of individual or collectively by members of the family.
Premium Charges (for p.a.)

Condition Premium
For an Individual Rs. 400/-
For Maximum Five Persons (Parents with Three Depending Children) Rs. 550/-
For Maximum Seven Persons (Parents with Three Depending Children and Depending Parents) Rs. 800/-

Janata Personal Accident Insurance Policy

Salient Features
icon  Age Group : 10-70 years

icon  Capital Sum Insured (CSI) : Rs. 50,000/- & Rs. 1,00,000/-

icon  Premium Rs. 30/- Only for CSI Rs. 50,000/-

icon  Premium Rs. 60/- Only for CSI Rs. 1,00,000/-